A Passage to Academia

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Life in academia is hectic to say the least where professors are always on the move to fulfil their KPIs, but it can still be both interesting and rewarding. In the line of duty, the academicians meet people from various walks of life – from ordinary guys in the street to the best minds in the world. Besides, academicians are in close contact with the young minds and that makes professors feel young and wanted. Travelling to attend conferences and meetings or consulting works is their order of business. At these meetings, they meet old friends and make new ones and have the opportunities to exchanges ideas. This memoir is a compilation of that ideas and thoughts resulting from such meetings. Additionally, memorable incidents that occurred in the family were inserted into the memoir to prove those points. The author always has this thought in mind – a book that sells must have poignant, humor and sensation in it. The intention of writing this memoir is to make it readable, acceptable and useful to students, academicians and members of the public alike.

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