Applied Panel Data Analysis Short Panels

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The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a thorough grounding in the central ideas and techniques of panel data, and to give the tools required to carry out an empirical analysis. This book is a result of many recent empirical studies using this technique, especially in the areas of economics, banking, finance, accounting or even social sciences. Nowadays, there are many datasets in the form of panel or longitudinal, and this book is to help who need panel data analysis skills in doing their research. This book mainly focuses on the short panels data analysis, which is different from the long time-series panels. From the practical or applied point of view, the book is innovative in two ways, i.e. it presents the statistical tests step by step to estimate the model specification using Stata software, and interpret the empirical findings and relate with the hypothesis. The sample datasets used in this book are based on the real actual data which made the results related to meaningful findings

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