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Basic Enyzme Purification with Work Examples

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Enzyme purification is of paramount importance in biochemistry. In a single cell there is an approximately 1300 different enzymes. To study one enzyme, the other 1,299 enzymes need to be removed to obtain accurate picture of the enzyme’s function. To remove the other enzymes, a judicious use of various separation methods is needed. During this removal processes, various factors are working against the successful purification of the target enzymes. There are several enzyme purification books out there, but almost none are addressing the enzyme purification process using working examples. This is the major aim of this book; to provide a step-by-step process for the purification of an enzyme including the calculations needed to calculate enzyme activity, fold and purity and electrophoresis method to monitor purification among others. We purposely used the enzyme acetylcholinesterase as the model enzyme, as this enzyme is easily obtained from the brain of fish as well as its high enzyme activity. In addition, its substrate is easily obtained from commercial sources at a reasonable price. It is hoped that not only will this book aid researchers  but will also serve as a textbook for school teachers as an aid to teach life science

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