Bibliography: Japanese Contribution Towards Agriculture, Science, and Socio-Economic Development in Malaysia and the ASEAN region

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This book, is but a small tribute towards Japanese contributions in agriculture, science and socio-economic development in Malaysia and the ASEAN region. It also attempts to enumerate their efforts in various fields including anthropology, history, and travel. Citations of local counterparts and other international workers are also included to indicate the extent of interaction and cooperation at regional level. References are obtained from primary and secondary sources. There would be other references inadverently missed out in this publication, hence, would not feature the full sphere of of benevolence of Japan towards the ASEAN region. Suffice to say that they have worked on major aspects or crops for human development covering crops such as rice, sago, maize, cassava, flora and fauna, pharmology, animal husbandry, hyrobiology and meteorology, geology, maritime, anthropology and culture, economics, history, travel and religion. A brief introduction is provided for most of the sectors followed by citations of research, reports or papers. The ASEAN countries are dependent on Japan for various cutting edge technologies and developmental progress now and in the future.

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