Improving Phosphorus Availability for Plant Uptake in Tropical Acid Soils Using Organic Amendments Derived from Agro-industrial Wastes

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This book contains information on soil phosphorus fixation in tropical acid soil and its causes. It discusses how growth of crops on highly weathered acid soil is affected by soil phosphorus fixation. It further discusses the significance of the soil phosphorus pool, strategy for reducing soil phosphorus fixation, factors affecting the soil phosphorus in acid soils and the effect of organic amendments derived from agro-industrial wastes on soil phosphorus fixation. In addition, this book highlights a series of laboratory, greenhouse and field trials carried out to assess the effectiveness of amending chemical fertilisers with organic amendments derived from agro-industrial wastes in improving soil phosphorus availability for plant uptake and yield. This book will be of significant interest to those in the agricultural and environmental sciences, agronomists, students, research scientists, farmers, environmentalists and others.

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