Pest, Diseases and Disorders of Dragon Fruit: A Field Guide

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Pitaya, pitahaya or dragon fruit (Hylocereus spp.) is a group of desert plants native to the tropical forest regions of Mexico as well as Central and South America. This book elaborates on various pests and diseases, including some disorders commonly affect dragon fruits. Although the plants are relatively free from harmful pests and diseases in well managed fields, various pests and diseases do occur that eventually become serious in many plantations. Fungi and bacteria infecting the plants and fruits can lead to poor quality and unmarketable fruits, while slugs and snails will damage new growth. Birds and squirrels will not only feed on the fruits, but also will damage the green parts of the lower stems, leaving only the central cores. While this type of damage does not usually kill the plant, it should be prevented. Consumers, students, practicing plant pathologists, ecologists, pitaya growers will find this book an important foundational resource.

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