Poems & Prose for the Loving Heart

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In this collection of poems and prose, M A
Badrie brings the reader to wonders that
the typical modern day hearts forgot to
sense, and the mind to appreciate supple
events and affairs most often taken for
granted. He talks about love and affection,
feelings and devotion, thoughts and
inspiration. Be mesmerised by his chosen
words, narrative and yet lyrical, simple and
yet meaningful, softly said but impaful.
Nothing is better than serenity at hand,
of calmness and being truthful. Indeed
the loving heart in many of us is all these
and the intense desire to be peaceful.
While Reading M A Badrie poems one can
strongly feel that words beautifully and
effortlessly flow from heart to heart and
from soul to soul. The source of his words
is the source of life long inspiration.

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