Potential Aquaculture Species in Malaysia

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One of the main issues for fish farmers, aquaculturists or general public for that matter with regards to freshwater fish that are potentially commercialized would always relate back to the lack of available media to collate information in one book-flip. Although scientific researches are at the front of the challenges facing the aquaculture industry, the findings are mainly available in the form of scientific writing and limited to lab scale. Practical translations of those findings may seem obscure, hence widening knowledge gap between farmers and scientists in particular. This book is intended to encourage interest among public in Malaysia’s freshwater aquaculture industry, particularly in baung, kerai lampam, haruan, patin, kelah, tengalan and temoleh. Invaluable information about the freshwater species covered in this book is gathered from evidencebased findings and personal experiences by authors and farmers. The information covers general aspect of a fish production cycle. This book is part of an effort by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) through its Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Agriculture, in supporting the idea of ‘knowledge transfer’ from the university to the community.

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